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뉴저지 비즈니스시 sellers permit 궁금합니다14
idjinny Oct 11, 2018 12:48 AM     [NJ]
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한국에서 물건을 수입해와서 대형마트에 납품하는 형식이 될거같은데요. 
소매는 하지않고 홀세일만 할 예정입니다.
현재 EIN은 받고 뉴저지 주에 등록해서 Certificate of Inc는 받아놓은 상태입니다.
주정부 사이트에 가도 제대로 나오질 않고...
납품받을 업체쪽에서 reseller permit있으면 달라고 하는데..
도대체 seller's permit / wholesale permit 이 따로있는건지..어떻게 신청해야하는건지 도와주세요..
뉴저지는 resale certificate 라고 폼이있던데 그냥 작성해서 판매자한테 주는것같던데 제가 알고있는게 맞는건지요...

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re:뉴저지 비즈니스시 sellers permit 궁금합니다

비공개 Oct 11, 2018 3:00 AM

거래 하고 있는 회계사에 물어보세요..

Register your business with the New Jersey secretary of state. Registration can be completed online, through the mail or in-person at the office.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number, or EIN, through the Internal Revenue Service. Complete the registration process on the IRS website, by phone, by fax or by mail.

Register your business for taxes with the New Jersey Department of Revenue. Complete the registration process online (see "Resources") using your federal EIN. This number will be your business tax ID while operating in the State of New Jersey.

Complete State of New Jersey Division of Taxation Sales Tax Form ST-3 when you purchase an item for resale. Fill out the seller information and indicate the use of the merchandise, such as resale in present form, resale in converted form or performance of a taxable service.

Sign the resale certificate, which is good for 90 days from the date of the document.

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